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American Express (Amex) is running a limited time offer for point transfers to Club Vistara (CV Points). Here are more details about the offer. This offer ends on Aug 31, 2022.

What is CV Points?

Vistara runs a frequent flyer program under the name of Club Vistara. You can use these points to buy flight tickets, upgrade from economy to premium economy to business class.

What is Point Transfer?

All the credit cards typically run a reward program. This varies from bank to bank but most of them will offer some reward points to you. You can use these reward points for various areas like,

  • Cashback
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Gifts
  • Hotel & Flight Booking
  • & many more.

One of the area is point transfer to various airline & hotel miles program. Idea behind this is you transfer your collected points to any of such miles program. Conversion ratio differs from bank to bank. Amex has tie up with 10+ partners such programs. One of that is Club Vistara.

What is normal conversion ratio?

You will get 1 CV point for every 3 MR (American Express Membership Reward) points you transfer.

What is the bonus offer?

You get 25% bonus CV points on transferring your Amex MR points within the offer period. This means you get 1.25 CV points for every 3 MR points.

Offer is valid till Aug 31, 2022. You have to transfer minimum 30K points to be eligible for the offer. You can earn 25k bonus CV points, that means it makes sense to transfer <=3L MR points.Bonus points will be credited to your account within 45 days of offer End Date which is Aug 31, 2022.

How much is CV Points worth?

Here comes the important part which will help you determine the importance of the offer. It is difficult to value any miles program value since the prices of the airlines fluctuates with various parameters. However, you can fairly take a guess with some of the busiest route. Below are some eg of CV Points required for some of the busy routes of Vistara. For the sake of simplicity, I will take economy class.

If you consider some of the above, I will easily value 1 CV point ~ 75p. You can earn >= 1 Rupee when the flight prices are sky high. You can fetch even higher value if you want to upgrade your class.

Shall I transfer to CV Points?

Some of the key deciding factors for CV Point transfer,

  • You generally fly short notice.
    • This is going to save you hell lot of money.
  • Short of points to redeem an award flight or an upgrade
  • No other attractive option to redeem points

American Express has normal conversion rate of 1 rupee for 4 MR points. With some of the cards like MRCC, you can juice upto 1 rupee for 2.5-3 MR points with their normal range of rewards redemption options. With this offer, you can earn >=1 rupee for 3 MR points if you use those wisely.

Here is a guide to help you transfer points.

Final Thoughts

For someone who is into Club Vistara program should definitely use this offer to maximise the benefit. Amex MR points doesn’t expire for most of the cards so we typically don’t redeem them. This is one of the offer which can entice you to redeem them. You can very well surprise your family with a lovely vacation.

Will you transfer MR points with this offer? Share your thoughts.

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