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The recent outburst of Covid-19 has impacted every small & big industry. With everyone spending much of their time in houses, credit card spends have gone down drastically which impacts credit card companies. To solve this problem, Amex came up with an offer of 20% cashback.

Amex came up with an offer of 20% Cashback if you spend on small shops around you. Amex has found this as an opportunity to get their lost business back in line.

Here is the email received from Amex.

Shop for 1500 & get 300

What is the 20% Cashback offer?

Visit small shops in your locality, spend 1500 and get 300 cashback within 5 days. You can use this offer for 5 such spends, so overall you can save 1500 (300*5) by spending 7500 (1500*5). That’s whooping 20% cashback. Here is the list of participating merchants. Offer is valid only until November 30, 2020.

You will normally receive cashback as soon as your transaction is posted (not in pending status) on your card. So even if they quote 5 days, expect it to come very next working day.

How to Redeem 20% Cashback Offer?

As always Amex has made it very simple to avail this offer.

  1. Login to American Express Website
  2. Scroll at the bottom & find ‘Amex Offers’
  3. Click on ‘Save to Card’.
  4. Take your card & shop around.

Here is the screenshot of this offer in ‘Amex Offers’ section.

Save to Card

Since I have already saved on to my card, its displayed under ‘Saved to Card’ section, you will find this in ‘Available section’.

No Promo Code required 🙂

What makes this offer so special?

Credit card companies generally tie up with e-commerce websites or huge grocery stores for offers. This offer is one of its kind since the coverage of the merchants is huge. They have listed almost all the merchants who accept Amex in your locality such as small grocery stores, medical shops, saloons, spa, restaurants & more. I never came across any credit card offers which lasted for 3 months. Take the bow Amex.

Finally, it is flat 20% cashback. Every penny saved is penny earned.

Don’t you have Amex Card?

If you are a millenial, you must have one. Click Here to read a review of one of the widely used Amex card in India.

American Express is running limited period offer. If you apply for an Amex card using below link, you will receive 2000 reward points & your first year fee will be waived off. Since 20% cashback offer is 3 months long, you can definitely churn the benefits of this even after applying for a new card now.

  1. American Express Platinum Travel – Click Here
  2. American Express Membership Rewards – Click Here

Exclusive Wicked Guy Cheat Sheet to earn 20% Cashback

This offer is applicable on your add-on cards as well. In order to get the benefit from the offer on add on card, login through your add on member login & follow same steps as you did on your primary card. If you have never created a login for your add on member, create now.

One of the coolest benefit of having an add on card. Double delights.

What do you think about this offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments section.

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