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Singapore, a tiny man made island which is blessed with no or less natural resources & beauty. Singapore is one among those many countries where there is no or limited natural beauty. When you don’t have nice beaches or mountains to lure the tourist, what do you do? You create different experiences, adventure parks, theme parks etc.

Visiting Singapore will burn your pockets for not only Flights, Food, internal travel but also for local attractions. Some of these local experiences are as costly as dinner for two. Here is how I saved few bucks & even you can.

Singapore was my first international trip & I was excited from all the avenues possible. I started with searching for an app to help me visit places in Singapore. I came across Google Trips, a wonderful app & must have whenever you are travelling. While I was browsing through its Discounts section, I found this beast who saved around SGD 400.

I could find all the tickets on this website which I would have needed once I am in Singapore & this was indeed a one stop shop for me. After searching through the pages of headout & Google Trips, I found a code which gave me further discount, GTRIP20. If this isn’t working while you are reading the post, please find through headout promotions, facebook page etc. Some of the deals will also give cash-back into your wallet which can be fully used for the next booking. Enough with the stories, here you go with actual hack.

Park Hopper Plus: Singapore Zoo + River Safari + Night Safari + Jurong Bird Park

This ticket is a bucket of all entries related to Zoo. This pass itself will save a lot, if you buy individual tickets, it will cost you SGD 150+.

  • Cost : SGD 88
  • Coupon Discount : SGD 17.6
  • Cashback : SGD 42.24 (6 Adults)
  • Total Savings : SGD 147.8 (6 Adults)

Wings of Time, Sentosa

This according to me is a must visit attraction. This is a unique ~50 mins lights show.

  • Cost : SGD 24
  • Price on Headout : SGD 13
  • Coupon Discount : SGD 2.6
  • Total Savings : SGD 68 (5 Adults)

Gardens by the bay with OCBC Skywalk

This attraction will include access to Flower Dome, Cloud Forest & OCBC skywalk which enables view of entire gardens by the bay from a skywalk.

  • Cost : SGD 45
  • Price on Headout : SGD 30
  • Coupon Discount : SGD 6
  • Total Savings : SGD 84 (4 Adults)

Note : Entry into gardens by the bay is free of cost. Entry fee is only for Flower Dome, Cloud Forest & Skywalk. I didn’t visit any of those but my family did. I enjoyed the iconic sound show in gardens by the bay.

Universal Studio, Singapore, Sentosa (USS)

One of the best rides I ever had.

  • Cost : SGD 80
  • Price on Headout : SGD 72
  • Coupon Discount : SGD 14.4
  • Cashback : SGD 11.52 (4 Adults)
  • Total Savings : SGD 101.2 (4 Adults)

Note : All rides have Wait Time as long as 4 hours, it is displayed at the entrance of each ride. If you can afford, buy USS Express Pass (Usually 2x-3x of USS fees). Pass will let you skip the queues. This pass can’t be bought online since price is decided on the basis of supply & demand.
Pro-Tip : Use Single Rider gates 🙂
There are many other attractions available on headout which will save many dimes. I would suggest Skyline Luge, Sentosa. It’s a unique experience.


You can save a lot of dollars if you use Headout & Google Trips wisely. Headout does not give you tickets, tickets are to be collected at entrances of the respective attraction & sometimes at a different location altogether. Please read the redemption section carefully once you receive email from headout for the location of redemption.

“Every penny saved is a penny earned !!” — Benjamin Franklin

Have you been to Singapore? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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